Deja vu

It has been fourty days and fourty nights, but this time not praying on the mountain but that’s the time that has passed since you walked out of that door. And out of our lives.

It was a long drive on a rather often busy road polluted with traffic as Chemistry by Simi and Falz came on. 

Do you feel the chemistry?…

Damn,  those lines gave me feelings that i didn’t want want to fade off. And so I put it on repeat and let it replay over and over again. Like an anthem, a mantra, it was such a magical song as I let it lead me to an enclosed love vacuum or space. My thoughts travelled far into the first time we met. Someone described it as a natural meeting. No, not natural. But the other kind where it’s like love at first sight. Where eyes meet, hearts click, mind becomes restless, tongues lock.

Baby, maybe we can try to do this love something, maybe this is chemistry.


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