They say a man shouldn’t cry. They say a man should be strong. They say a man must fight, fight hard even if he doesn’t have the strength to.

They say a man must know it all. They say a man must be perfect


But when the sun comes shining down, and the leaves blow a fresh fragant breeze, the woods make cracking sounds, the squirrels squeak, and the birds peck, I think to myself, “I don’t think I want to be a man anymore”. Today, I give up.


And I become my own MAN.


Hey guys,this is a short visual story illustrated by me and originated by Paused Motions photography.

This photography outfit is owned by Charles Nnodim, a 400 level student whom is undergoing Industrial Training ( also known as IT or internship). He studies at Federal University of Technology, Owerri in the department of Information Management Technology and has an eye for tech,photography, and videography. In the future, he plans on undergoing a videography/cinematogaphy course to polish his natural skills. He handles the camera with love. The amazing part is that he doesn’t just take pictures, he always has a story to tell. Beloved people, this is a talented young mind who belives in starting first, before thinking of the odds.


Here are some of his works below.





He specialises in landscape,fashion, retro and ofcourse he pauses moyions.




You could check him out on.

Instagram: paused_motions.
VSCOCAM: pausedmotionspictures
Twitter: paused_motions.
Email: pausedmotions@gmail.com.

He is freelance and awesomely talented.
Let’s support a young dream.

Ciao. Love you guys a million times.


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