Today being the 1st of May at 8:19PM, I’m scared.

But knowing that the easiest way to conquer fear is to talk about it, I decided to share.

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Wedding Shenanigans!

During the Easter holiday weekend, I attended my cousin’s wedding and on three different occasions, I was reminded that I have entered the ‘very soon, they will come with wine and come and carry you category’ A.K.A You’re old enough to marry.

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I want to share as many stories as possible, not because I am doing any better or I am the best, or that my life is in any way perfect. I share my stories to encourage myself to be better and do better. Because it makes me feel good about myself, it gives me courage. When I go through the previous stories that I’ve shared I’m reminded that I did that before and I can do it again. And even better.

And frankly, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

You should share your stories too. We should all share our stories. Don’t be afraid or too intimidated to talk about your experience, your journey,your story. What made you?

Your voice is important. Speak. We are listening.

Thank You!

Hi Guys.

So it’s been a while and this time I’m updating y’all on what has been up in my life. Not like it’s been much, but yeah let’s begin from somewhere.

On Monday, the 12th of March, I added one year to my life (Glory to God) and for those that are about to ask how old I turned, it is 20. I turned 20. I am now 20 years old. I have spent 2 decades on earth. I’m now an old woman, do you really want to make it so obvious for me?

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CRUSHES GONE WRONG: The Romantic One & The Ignored One.

So this is Shegs and Robert. Telling their stories of what went down with their crushes. One is the story of a crush which later transitioned to becoming mutual love and affection between both. While the other is well, lol. One ignored forever. What went wrong though?

Let’s see how this goes down.

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Hey IMFY Fam. Guess whaaatt???



I have a new series coming up on the blog and it begins today. It would run for quite a while depending on some factors such as my content calendar and engagement.

The Crushes Gone Wrong series is dedicated to sharing stories of some of our crushes which well were not successful. And by successful, I mean the person noticed you, liked you back, then…xysjekw$$×#÷^&*÷wdsmf. You know the rest!

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